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14 SEP  - 28 OCT 2017

Lovaas Projects is pleased to announce a group exhibition of new works by Nico Abramidis & NE, Mohamed Almusibli, Liz Craft, Sylvie Fleury, Heike-Karin Foell, Brendan Fowler, Marc Hunziker, Sophie Kindermann, Kristina Lovaas, Fabian Marti, JP Munro, Richard Nikl, Will Sheldon, Clayton Skidmore, Joe Smith, Women’s History Museum and Urban Zellweger.

The show, titled To Let Things Slide, aims to challenge the assigned fragility of artworks by treating art transportation in the same way that one would the delivery of any other object. The exhibition is comprised exclusively of works sent to the gallery, standard class, by the artists. As such, they are treated in the same way as anything else sent by standard post and will be exhibited exactly as received, with no attempts made to restore them, even if they have self-evidently broken in transit. Despite our attempts to pretend otherwise, art does not and cannot exist in a vacuum. It does not exist outside history, and cannot be elevated entirely above its status as an object. To Let Things Slide directly confronts the fallacy that states otherwise. Wryly amusing, deeply playful, and at times utterly absurd, the artists exhibited explore a wide variety of themes, from the banality of postal deliveries to the enforced stasis of the artwork. The works are bound by the shared acknowledgment of our treatment of artworks as objects that exist outside their own history.

Curated by Alana Alireza and Kristina Lovaas



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