January 2021

Truth to materials 

Martin Chramosta, Karoline Dausien, Jan Erbelding, Rachel Fäth, Johanna Gonschorek, Kristin Weissenberger and Irina Lotarevich

Curated by Alexandra-Maria Toth


The idea, that material should be appropriate, true and exposed is strongly visible in early brutalist architecture, where functional reinforced concrete and steel, modular elements and an utilitarian feel was used to create institutional buildings and housing complexes for the working class. These cold aesthetics of steel and concrete symbolize economic hardship, denote social systems and stand as a reminder of political crisis and social decline; by staying true to the material and rejecting any decorative elements, an emotional response based on personal, social and political circumstances of the present time(s) evokes; a stone shaped and curved into a sculpture, contains emotional history and cultural heritage;  a healing crystal responds to a spiritual desire of inner peace and human fulfilment; wood represents sustainability, emotional durability and comfort, whilst anxieties spawned by the endless use of synthetic materials, such as plastic are linked to the global climate crisis today – There is no material without an emotional response. 

Spring 2021


with Ziva Drvaric, Kristina Lovaas, Martina Morger and others

Stretch widmet sich spielerisch und assoziativ dem Strecken, Dehnen und Ziehen – alltägliche Tätigkeiten, die in den verschiedensten Lebensbereichen Verwendung finden. Vorherrschende Zustände werden dabei bewusst verändert, um gewünschte Ergebnisse herbeizuführen. Zugleich können irreversible Schäden verursacht werden. Aus queer-feministischer Perspektive zeigt die Ausstellung damit die Vergänglichkeit des Lebens.


Art Collaboration by Urban Scents & Sabina Streeter

“In the same way a scent can elicit an image or memory - a picture, a sound or a taste can in turn inspire a scent.” - Marie Le Febvre 

Magnificent Obsessions is a new collaboration between New York based artist, Sabina Streeter, and the exclusive fragrances, Urban Scents. Streeter’s artworks, which pay homage to the lushly beautiful and supremely stylish films of Douglas Sirk, mirror the “Sense Editions” perfumes and evoke the distinctive glamour of 1950’s Hollywood. The poetically dramatic titles of the movies are perfect inspirations for the uniquely elegant creations of Marie Le Febvre, the exclusive fragrance created for the project will be limited to 10 editions. 

Known as the “Master of Melodrama”, Douglas Sirk (Detlef Sierk, 1897-1987) began his career in German theater and quickly moved on to direct numerous dramas, the most notorious starring Zarah Leander in “Zu Neuen Ufern” (1937) and “La Habanera” (1937) for UFA. Douglas Sirk and his wife fled Nazi Germany in 1937 via Italy and Holland, arriving in the United States, 1939. Initially he shot several independent films between 1942 to 1948 such as “Hitler’s Madmen“ and “Lured”.
His breakthrough in Hollywood came with the elegantly subversive Melodramas he directed for Universal Pictures, among others: “All I Desire“ (1953), “Magnificent Obsession” (1954), “All that Heaven Allows” (1955), “Written on the Wind” (1956), “Interlude” (1956), ”The Tarnished Angels”(1957), ”A Time to Love and a Time to Die” (1958), ”Imitation of Life “ (1959). Douglas Sirk retired at the height of his career and moved back to Europe in 1960. His films however were a tremendous influence on succeeding filmmakers such as Godard, Fassbinder, Almodovar, Lynch and Todd Haynes. 

Incidentally, Sabina Streeter was fortunate enough to have met the legendary director personally on many occasions, he was a close friend of her parents, both filmmakers and writers in their own right.