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Opening Reception: Thursday, 21 March  18:00-20:30

22 March - 11 May 2019

Group show organized by David Zink Yi

with the artists Johannes Büttner, June Crespo and Anders Dickson

Press release:

A good friend in the Andes Mountains once explained to me that if one feels strange or alien in a location, they should take a little bit of dirt from the place they find themselves and place it in the mouth. Slowly the dirt will melt. After swallowing the dirt with my saliva, the feeling of strangeness would slowly dissipate and one no longer would be a stranger to the place either.

How can we evoke something new from ourselves? How can we become different, or change for that matter? Do the things, meanings and concepts that we understand and appropriate belong to us? Sometimes we look into the mirror only to recognize someone else there. Perhaps it's a long-gone relative, an old friend, or someone who still has yet to arrive. 


Johannes Büttner, June Crespo and Anders Dickson approach these questions within their respective artistic practices both in a literal and metaphorical sense. The resonance of specific materials such as fine minerals, shellacs, resins, acrylics, burned earth, sound and light are grasped and utilized so as to recall the occultist notion of mirroring as an integral method to the confrontation of spirits. 

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